Printmaking, painting, sculptural and intermedia based work are mediums that allow me to express emotional connections to spaces and environments through which I move and imagine. Repeat motifs of scaffolding, architectural structures, soil, and plant life metaphorically signify human interventions into landscapes. In some cases traces of process are visible. Built up layers of paint and marks become a documentation of the history of the work. Creating an authentic association to the hand of the artist allows for transparency in hopes of creating curiosity in the viewer.

Past observational research within the tradition of still life brings a conceptual understanding to relational dynamics between humans, objects and nature within staged intimate settings. Collections of vessels holding ephemera from the land brings nature into living spaces that has prompted an investigation of land affects on humans. This observational approach to image making now informs sculptural approaches to expressing human/environmental relations.

I have discovered through an abstract language of mark making that I am able to express the sensual affects of the natural environment has on my being. The physicality of the mediums I work in allows for reactive approaches to image making and free expressions of my interpretations of experiences within spaces. Combining dreamscape imagery with abstraction furthers the distance between what is known about the spaces I am familiar with and what is yet to be known and I relish in the moment of suspended liminality.