For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with spaces. I was born and raised on the Saskatchewan prairies where vast fields, abandoned buildings, and scrap metal piles were a haven that fostered curiosity and adventure. I was captivated by spaces that drew me into their mysterious narratives, developing a curiosity for the people who may have once passed through them. Above all curiosity informs my creative practice causing me to consider how spaces, whether actual or imagined, are activated by our being or lack thereof.

Observational research within the tradition of still life and its staged intimate setting has brought an understanding of the relational dynamics between humans, objects, and spaces. This approach has transformed into creating assemblage and sculptural forms where once again I experience a sense of wonder and curiosity as I experiment with form, light and a variety of material. Gathering visual reference through photography informs conceptual ideas as I seek out images through the lens of my camera that captures textures, pattern, light and life that exist not only in obvious places but also in spaces that seem to be neglected or over looked. 

In most of my work repeat motifs of architectural structures and tectonic like environments occur relating to a deep connection to the land and a mindfulness of my place in it. Traces of process are visible as built up layers of paint and marks tell as story of the history, both of the work itself, and of human/environmental relations.

Although printmaking and paint mediums are the main mediums I work in, I also work with installation, and projection. All these approaches allow me to express emotional connections to spaces and environments through which I move and imagine.