Printmaking and painting have become mediums that allow me to express emotional connections to spaces and environments through which I move and imagine. In some cases traces of process are visible. Built up layers of paint and marks become a documentation of process creating an authenticity associated directly to the hand of the artist. This transparency relates to the human quality of humility which brings value to visual experience.

In the past observational research within the tradition of still life brought a rich visual and conceptual understanding to relational dynamics between humans, objects and nature. Paintings depicting collections of vessels holding ephemera from the land consider the value of connecting to nature and human/land based narratives.

In my undergrad studies at the University of Alberta I worked with repeat motifs. Scaffolding, architectural structures, soil and plant life became signifiers of human interventions into landscapes. Sustainable and ephemeral themes within the context dreamscape imagery dominated my work.

Recently I have been expressing human/environmental relationships through an abstract language of mark making. Capture the sensual effects the natural environment has on my being taps into a collective consciousness that has universal resonance.