About the Work

Traveling the stretches of highway that cross over the vast Canadian landscape, I have developed a deep connection to the country’s natural environments. Through an expressionistic approach, I work with ideas that deal with connecting to or being dislocated from a sense of place, and consider the contraries that lie on either side of liminal spaces. Experience itself lies at the heart of my work as I react to lines, marks, imagery, and layers of colour applied to surfaces.

I gather stories of places through the collection of photos, marks and colour and bring them back to the studio for reference in fine art printmaking and painting. The camera serves as a tool to gather and edit complex visual information, while I use the sketchbook to capture the essence of spaces and places. I collect from natural and manmade environments – mountainous cliffs, prairie grasslands, highway overpasses, abandoned buildings, scrap metal piles and out of the way spaces–that lie in-between places. 

Working primarily with paint, and print based mediums I create expressions of realities. Considering that which is remembered, expected, experienced, and imagined my work reflects the curiosity I have for spaces that are activated and effected by our being or lack thereof. Fragmented dreamlike spaces and abstracted expressionistic imagery resemble tectonic-like environments as I collect marks and colour palettes from various environments while traveling across municipalities, counties and provinces. Traces of process are visible in built up layers telling a story of history–both of the work itself and a collective consciousness of human/environmental relations.