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Deltra Powney is an artist living and working in Alberta, Canada

About the liminal spaces, those moments between movement and stillness. 

Deltra grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada in a small agricultural community in the southeastern part of the province, finally moving to Alberta where she attended Medicine Hat College obtaining a Visual Communications Diploma in graphic design. She went on to study under Sean Caulfield, Liz Ingram, Marilène Oliver, Jesse Thomas, Paul Bernhardt and Natalie Loveless at the University of Alberta where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction, focused in painting and printmaking.

Traveling the stretches of highways that cross over the vast Canadian landscape, Deltra has developed a deep connection to the country’s natural environments. 

Through an expressionistic approach, Deltra works with the ideas of contraries that lie on either side of liminal, physical, and phycological spaces, considering human activity that divide and fracture a connection to a sense of place. Experience itself lies at the heart of her work as she acts and reacts to lines, marks, and layers of colour applied to surfaces.

Deltra is currently preparing work to be exhibited in Anthropocities, a collaborative art exhibition between the University of Alberta Art and Design studio arts, and art historian students and respective alumni, and the International Climate Change Conference taking place spring 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also preparing a print based solo show for spring 2019. 

You can follow Deltra’s art practice on Instagram, Facebook, subscribe to her newsletter, and attend exhibitions where you can meet the artist. 



I gather photos and stories of places and bring them back to the studio for reference in fine art printmaking and painting. The camera serves as a tool to gather and edit complex visual information. I collect imagery of natural and constructed moments–from mountainous cliffs, prairie grasslands, highway overpasses, abandoned buildings, scrap metal piles and out of the way spaces–that lie in-between places. 

Working primarily with paint, and print based mediums I create expressions of realistic and imagined realities. My work is a reflection of experiences I have had within various environments while traveling across municipalities, counties and provinces. I am curious about spaces that are activated and effected by our being or lack thereof. Fragmented dreamlike imagery, abstracted by expressionistic marks resembling tectonic-like environments, attempt to express mindfulness of place. Traces of process are visible in built up layers telling a story of history–both of the work itself and a collective consciousness of human/environmental relations.